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Small animal consultations

(Dogs, cats, rabbits, other pocket pets)

Not sure if an issue warrants a trip to the vet or not and want to potentially  save some money? Our affordable online consultations can help put your mind at rest that everything is OK with your animal or direct you to the veterinary care your that they require.


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After-hours consultations

8pm-8am Mon-Sat AEDT, all-day Sundays and public holidays

Is it late at night or a Sunday or public holiday? Not sure if you need to take your pet to the emergency centre at great expense? After-hours consultations can guide you as to what is an emergency that requires immediate attention and what can be treated the next day.

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Behavioural consultations


Is your pet displaying some troubling behaviours? Destroying the house? Digging up the garden? Toileting inside? Our vets have extensive experience with getting to the root cause of issues and can help with detailed advice and treatments to eliminate problematic behaviours.

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Equine consultations

(Horses, donkeys)

We have vets available on-call who specialise in equine consultations. They can give you immediate advice on your horse's condition and guide you to the appropriate care they need, night or day. A very affordable option to potentially save vet call-out in the middle of the night!

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Ruminant, camelid consultations

(Cows, sheep, goats, alpacas, llamas)

Do you need some assistance with your sheep or cow? You alpaca or llama? We have mixed and dedicated large animal vets available to help with your farm animals concern day or night, whether they be part of a commercial dairy herd or a beloved family pet.

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Reptile and bird consultations

(Snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises, birds, others)

Is your bird looking sick? Off it's food? Your snake hasn't eaten for a month? With more unusual pets, health problems can often come down to husbandry issues. We have vets that can give you instant advice on these any any problem for your pet no matter unusual they may be!

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