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Here at OnlineVet, we have significant experience in clinical practice with specific additional expertise in emergency medicine and surgery, small animal practice and hospital management


Dr Claire MacRae

VN BSc(EqSc), BSc(PreVet), DVM

Onlinevet.com.au Owner/Director & Principal Veterinarian

Small Animal Emergency Veterinarian

Dr Claire graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2013, and since then has been enjoying practicing in the fields of emergency medicine And surgery and hospital management. She has also been involved in lecturing and mentoring veterinary nursing and veterinary science students. Prior to graduation as a vet, she had been a veterinary nurse for 13 years, totalling over 20 years in the veterinary industry.

In 2019, she travelled to Fiji to volunteer with a small animal clinic. She is excited to say that as well as being registered in Australia, she is also registered as a Veterinarian in Fiji, and can therefore provide online consultations to residents of Fiji, as well as across Australia.

Dr Claire divides her time between her home in country South Australia, and the beautiful village of Leura, where she is the Hospital Manager and Senior Emergency Veterinarian at Blue Mountains Animal Health.

In her rare free time, she loves playing with her two greyhounds, pet goat, kitties, and poultry.

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