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      What days and times are consultations available?

      Our consultations are subject to our availability, but we aim to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BOOK NOW

      Who are your veterinarians?

      Our vets are fully qualified and experienced Australian-registered clinical practitioners. We have specialised expertise including emergency medicine and surgery, small animal medicine and surgery, tertiary teaching, and hospital management.

      Online Vet Australia’s Owner/Director and Principle Veterinarian, Dr Claire MacRae, is registered as a Veterinarian in both Australia and in Fiji.

      You can read more about us here

      What if I don't have access to a webcam or a smartphone with a camera?

      Not a problem! Your vet will call you on the phone number you provide during the booking process instead.

      Do you prescribe or dispense medications?

      Unfortunately, in Australia it is unlawful for a veterinarian conducting telemedicine consultations (that is, online or telephone consultations), to prescribe any medications unless they have previously physically examined the animal for the current problem. This includes the provision of scripts. This does not apply to residents of Fiji. If you feel your pet needs medication, we still encourage you to seek a consultation with one of our vets, as we may be able to offer additional advice, or recommend treatments that do not require prescription medications.

      *** Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, From 20/3/2020, we will be prescribing some medications if the Veterinarian determines that the welfare of your pet will be compromised without such medications. This will continue until the pandemic is declared to be resolved. Conditions apply

      What animals do you cover?

      Our vets can deal with queries about any animal. After all, vets are specially trained to treat every species of animal except for humans! Please note however, that the level of expertise regarding some animal species will vary with each vet. The majority of our vets are small animal practitioners (dogs, cats, pocket pets), and whilst happy to give general advice for species outside of their area of practice, may from time to time, recommend that you seek further advice regarding some species.



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